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New UK Roller Derby Book - RD:UK


Over a three month period in the later part of 2008, David James Coxsell travelled up and down the country visiting groups of girls who are curently active in a growing sport. The sport is known as Roller Derby, is played on quad skates and is taking the UK by storm.

His aim was to capture images to help illustrate the wonderful world of Roller Derby for all those who are new and old to it.

“Roller Derby is a hard hitting full contact sport for women of all ages, size and shape. That means almost anyone can get involved so take a look inside and see if it appeals to you. If it does grab hold of a pair of skates, seek out your nearest local Roller Derby League and join in with the fun.” 

CLICK HERE for your chance to preview or pre-order the book

WANTED!!! Player Profiles!!!

Is there a player in your league deserving of some attention?  Is there a certain someone in your team who has earned five minutes of fame?

If so ... email me her details!  Over the next couple of weeks I'd like to do some profiles of players from all of the UK Leagues - you can either write profiles for your players, or get them to write them themselves, but basically, what I'd like are ...

Photos, Skate Name, Number, Position(s), How long she's skated for, and some fun stuff - perhaps a theme song, how she came to choose her name, favourite bout ... the more fun and interesting the better

So go on ... nominate one of your girls!

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Northern EXPOsure Photos

Photos from the tournament are now available, care of In-Depth Photos.

Breaking The Squeal

How to do the 'Waitress'

Bonnie D.Stroir, Bully Julie, & Kibosh of the San Diego Derby Dolls break down how to do the waitress - a whip block combination - both on flat track and on banked track. 

Wakey Wheeled Cats

The Wakey Wheeled Cats are one of the newest leagues in the UK.  While they are not quite ready for scrimmages or bouts yet, they are keen to invite other leagues up to Wakefield for mixed practices.  If your league fancies a change of scenery, email Fu-Quinn Hell or go to the league's website.

They Came from Outer Skates

Pictures and Videos are now up from CCR's 'They Came from Outer Skates' bout, a rematch between the league's Pink and Blue teams.

Northern EXPOsure Footage Up ....

Footage from last week's Northern EXPOsure tournament at the Dolphin Centre, Darlington, has just been posted up on YouTube - see below.  The tournament was held between Central City Rollergirls, Leeds Roller Dolls, Quad Squad and Middlesbrough Milk Rollers 

Final Scores were as follows - 

Bout 1 - Middlesbrough 10 : Central City 107
Bout 2 - Leeds 157: Quad Squad 16

FINAL - Leeds 102 : Central City 54

Congratulations Leeds Roller Dolls!

Rainy City Roller Girls 1st Birthday BASH!

Date - Saturday 10th October
Time - 2pm - Late
Location - FitCity Leisure Centre, Barton Lane, Salford, UK

How time flies, it seems only yesterday that Rainy City Roller Girls were formed but its our first birthday and to celebrate we thought we would offer everybody a chance to roll with us both on and off the track.


Part 1

A 4 hour skate session including a pick-up scrimmage with roller girls from all leagues welcome, bring a black and a white top, get warmed up and let the fun commence. we have a great venue, fully laid track and referee crew.

We form into 5s and away we go, its fast furious and fun, we will also take time out throughout the afternoon to play some on-skate party games for "big money" prizes.

Part 2

After a chance to shower, change and get ready, we jump on the Metro into Manchester City Centre to TV21 bar for our party and year end awards, including eating, drinking and general drunkeness. everyone is welcome.
**THEME** Purple, black and Silver!!

**** the cost of skating is £3 each pay on the door ****

Order tickets via Eventbrite or go to the Facebook Event Page

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


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The Round-Up Bout Needs You!!

Are you a member of a UK Roller Derby League?

Would you like to see more info about your League online?

Would you like to attract new members and let other Leagues know what you're up to?

Then email in!   The Round-Up Bout wants to hear your news, views and gossip.  We want to know how your bouts have gone, what you have coming up, and about your teams and your players.

We want to make the Round-Up Bout the official online magazine for UK Roller Derby, so get your suggestions and contributions in!!!

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An Introductory Video to Roller Derby

You Tube's Challenge Charly visits Central City Rollergirls, at one of their Birmingham Practices, and makes a short video introducing Roller Derby. 

UK Roller Derby Teams

Please email in if your team isn't listed below :

Bedfordshire -  Rebellion Rollergirls
Dundee -  Dundee Destroyers
Glasgow -  Glasgow Rollergirls
Gloucester -   Severn Roller Torrent
London -   London Rockin Rollers
Middlesbrough -  Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Newcastle -  Newcastle Roller Girls
Plymouth -  Plymouth Roller Derby
Wakefield - Wakey Wheeled Cats

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Welcome to the Round-Up Bout!

Hello, and welcome to the Round-Up Bout ... the brand new round-up site for UK Roller Derby!

Hopefully these pages will provide up-to-date coverage of all things Roller Derby happening in the British Isles!
If you have something you'd like to submit to Round-Up Bout, please email me at

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