Saturday, 27 March 2010

Watch European Roller Derby LIVE!!

Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls will take on Berlin Bombshells live on Justin.TV tonight!

Tune in HERE at 8pm Central European Time (7pm in the UK)

Watch Whip It for FREE!!! .....

..... at the following cinemas -

Help TVRD!!

Please click on this link (ideally once a day!) and give Australia's Townsville Roller Derby your vote - 

If they win they can get funds for uniform and merchandise.

Cheers everyone, Derby Love xxx

Derby hits Wales!!!

Introducing Wales's first roller derby league! 

Welcome girls :) 

MMR's Marathon Double-Whammy

Here at the Round-Up Bout we tend not to advertise fundraisers as you guys run so many of them!  However, here's one we thought deserves a special mention -

On April 25th the girls from Middlesbrough Milk Rollers will be relay skating not one, but TWO marathons!

For more details about the event, or to pledge sponsorship, visit the event's FACEBOOK page!

The Blood and Thunder ALL STAR Bout!

When? Sunday May 2nd, 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Where? Cocks Moors Woods, Birmingham

Central City Rollergirls are proud to present... The BLOOD and THUNDER all star BOUT & Mens Derby extravaganza!

Sunday May have no work tomorrow as its a bank holiday so you have no excuse to not come watch TWO games! and come to our after party as well!

If you didn't know, MAY 1.2.3 sees Blood and Thunder the renound Derby trainign camp coming to Birmingham and the Sunday afternoon see's a full bout taking place consisting of campers & coaches pitted against each other in full on derby action...but thats not also get the horror, the spectacle, the full on penalty & explusion fest that is MENS DERBY!
as the UK ref's take on each other, with QUADZILLA himself straight out of the USA scattering them like a house of cards!

ONLY £6 entry for two bouts and entry to the after party in Birmingham city centre....awesome value!

So get your tickets now from...

or off any CCR rollergirl!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

TX Hustlers Escape London With 84-63 Win

Romsey Town Roller Billies' Mollie Cosh's awesome write-up of Fistful of Rollers - TXRD vs LRG - care of DNN, cheers guys.

It’s been a big 12 months in the life of UK derby: our first European tournament, a swath of new leagues and new recruits, growing recognition for the sport, and blood, sweat and tears for the hundreds of women and men working to make it happen. So when London Rollergirls announced that the Texas Rollergirls, originators of roller derby itself, were coming over to put on a bootcamp and play their travel team, London Brawling, it felt like UK derby was reaching a new level.
Formed in 2006, LRG have spent the last four years inspiring, generously assisting, and ably dominating leagues across the UK. They’ve set the bar for the sport in Europe, easily defeating their closest European rivals by margins of two and three hundred points, so whilst the rest of us have been playing catch up with the LRG, we wanted to know whether they would still be playing catch up with the rest of the world. Recently accepted as the first European WTFDA apprentice league and currently preparing for a three game tour of the US East coast in April, London Brawling were ready to go calling to some more faraway towns, but were they finally going to get their asses kicked? This was the game with the answers.
The Texas Rollergirls, formed in 2003 and currently sitting in third spot in the DNN power rankings, looked ready to put their mark on the game. If there were spandex rankings in derby, and there should be, they would surely win prizes. The Hustlers went straight to business with a power lineup in the first jam, but Acute Angel was swiftly sent off for a track cut, giving London’s Sky Rockit a surprise 10 point power jam and putting the Texans on the back foot. But it wasn’t long before Molotov M Pale took 10 points and equalized. As the Hustlers took a single point to lead, only to have Brawling take one back to re-equalise, a pattern began to emerge: both teams working their defense, delivering split-second call offs, and waiting. This was a game of very few, but very crucial, opportunities – and plenty of surprises.
Neither side could hang onto the lead for long: when Stefanie Mainey, jamming for Brawling, was sent to the box, Molotov seized her moment to snag a 10 point lead for the Hustlers, only to have Mainey storm out in the next jam to juke her way to another 10, evening the score again at 21-21. Both sides inched forward, tussling for a few points, right up until the final jam of the period when Molotov took a trip to the box and opened up another power jam for London. Sky Rockit hopped straight through the pack on the inside line to take lead, and the Brawling defense trapped Curvette to haul the pack back and force the Hustlers’ remaining blockers to overstretch. Sky sucked up an audacious minor track cut and cruised out of the jam 10 points up, bringing the half time score to 39-30 for London.

 Both teams brought a strong defense to the second period. Texas dominated the front of the pack, with Babe Ruthless frequently forming a relentless one woman wall of doom for London’s jammers. Another power jam saw them regain the lead by one point, only to have London grab it back again, and two nail biting jams later the box was getting busy and points were tied at 55-55. Then at 57-57. Then at 61-61. Ten minutes on the clock, The Final Countdown on the PA, and dancing on the jam line: this was the greatest game of roller derby we’d seen in our lives.
The power ballads seemed to refuel the Texans, and they launched into the home straight determined to break the stalemate. Bloody Mary motored off the jam line, leaving Belle Starr to sweep in and take out Kamikaze Kitten. Mary breezed through the London defense to put the Hustlers into the lead by 4. Forced to play catch up, Brawling found themselves digging deep as their jammers’ minors caught up with them. When the Hustlers got another power jam, the London pack managed to outsprint Bloody Mary, but when Axis of Evon was sent off, Texas lost no time corralling a gazelle, allowing Acute Angel to add a further 3 points to their lead and leaving London with their jammer in the box at the start of the final play. Not content with a mere 6 point lead, the Hustlers pulled out a truly monstrous 15 point final jam and sealed the score at a decisive 84-63.

London Rollergirls US tour

vs Philly – April 10th
vs Connecticut – April 17th
vs Providence – April 18th
Verdict? Outstanding spandex. And a totally riveting game with standard setting play from both sides. UK audiences simply haven’t seen a game as fast, close, and tactically demanding - and we’ve never had the pleasure of seeing LRG as thoroughly challenged.
I caught up some Texans to get their thoughts on the game. Molotov said "It would've been really foolish for us to come here expecting to dominate.. as a team, we went into it like we'd go into one of our home games, not knowing how it would go. It was a rough game.. they had obviously studied our Nationals footage! But at the end of a week of traveling and training ... going into the game with all those crazy emotions, it was awesome."
“I was really surprised,” said Babe Ruthless, “not that they were good, but that they were really good ... every trick we had they had it too.”
And how did London Brawling respond to their first defeat? “It was so, so awesome!” said Grievous Bodily Charm*. And how are they feeling about playing more US teams? "I was worried the tour would be intimidating” said Sky, “but now I feel like it will be really fun.” Team captain Kamikaze Kitten was typically focused: "I've never been so exhausted after fighting my way out of the pack,” she said “I’m determined to work harder.”
"I was so proud of everyone,” said Molotov. “All I could think was: congratulations.. I think they [LRG] are going to get a lot more teams wanting to play them." So not just an outstanding game to watch, but a validating experience for London. "It feels like we've always been chasing America,” said May BTwisted, “and now we're not just the little sisters anymore."
Roll on the US tour! We’ll be watching it on the boutcasts.

MVP for Hustlers - Belle Star
MVP for London - Stefanie Mainey

Mollie Cosh, Romsey Town Roller Billies


The Skaiti - Skate for Haiti - tee-shirts will only be available for another 5 days - go to to order yours NOW!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Fistful of Rollers Video Up!!

Check out the 2010 season section of Roller Derby on Film for footage of A Fistful of Rollers, and congratulations to all who took part, by all accounts it was one of the best Derby days of the year!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy 6 Month Birthday The Round-Up Bout!

The Round-Up Bout will be 6 months 'young' this week, and here at the blog we just wanted to thank you all for making it THE official UK Roller Derby blog!  We've come a long way in a few short months, and things can only get bigger and better, so please keep your news and links coming in - as ever we would like ...
* details of up and coming bouts
* round-ups of bouts, ideally as soon after they happen as possible
* links to photos and videos of bouts
* any random Roller Derby-based links that you think the UKRD community might appreciate
* news of any major charitable events your league takes place in
* general news from your league
* links to media coverage your league receives

Shoves and Pushes,
Jet Stepper and the Jetspuns

Yet Another New League!

Is it me, or is a new UK Roller Derby League popping up every week these days?!  Here at The Round-Up Bout we are definitely not complaining ... just as long as you keep on sending us all your news and views!

Anyone in the Bristol Area, check out Bristol Roller Derby - the new league will be having an open night on March 30th for anyone interested.  Check out the League's website for more details HERE! and show them your support :)

Derby Love,
Jet Stepper xx

Introducing the Seaside Siren Roller Girls

Southend does Roller Derby too ... and it comes in the form of the Seaside Siren Roller Girls ...

The Seaside Siren Roller Girls are based in sunny Southend-on-Sea, Essex. We like long skates down the seafront, 99 Flakes, and cheap beer… LOTS of cheap beer!

We’ve been skating as SSRG since November 2009, but the league’s co-founders have been skating and learning derby long before then. We’re actively recruiting at the moment and are consistently building in numbers. Unsurprisingly, as soon as anyone hears about our sport they want in, and to be fair, Essex girls were clearly made for derby!

We have a wide range of skating abilities on the league, although ALL our girls are getting more awesome with every practice. We hope to be up to bouting level before long, although it’s important for us to also take it slow and steady and get REALLY good before we make our public debut. We want to come out hot!

Our 5 year plan is pretty simple; we’re going to be WFTDA certified league and try to take over the world! Check out our website - - to learn more about us or get in contact.

All the UK derby leagues have been mega encouraging of us and have invited us into the derby community with open arms, so we’d just like to thank all of you for that. We love you all and can’t wait to knock you down on the track!

-       General Leigh x
SSRG Co-Founder

Friday, 19 March 2010

Uncivil War Footage

Check out Facebook for footage from LRR's first intraleague bout - Voodoo Skull Krushers vs The Neander Dolls - LINK HERE

And then head to Flickr to see David Webb's photos of the bout!

If you haven't seen it already, CLICK HERE  for Kit's awesome round-up of the bout!

What's going on up in Glasgow?

An update from up North -

This weekend the Irn Bruisers will be travelling down to London to play against LRG's Brawl Saint ahead of the long awaited LRG vs Texas game, live on the Derby News Network.

The following weekend Glasgow Roller Girls have a home game - Violence of the Slams - a double-header vs Central City Rollergirls - TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE!

If your league would like an update on the blog, just email Jet Stepper details over Facebook, or to the Hotmail address.

MMR Derby Art Exhibition

Calling all leagues! Middlesbrough Milk Rollers need your bout posters!  The MMR girls are putting together a collection of bout artwork for an exhibition project.  If you have any spare posters, please contact MMR or bring them to LRG vs Texas at the weekend.  They can be returned.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

NRG on BBC Look North

Check out the footage of the Newcastle Roller Girls on BBC Look North HERE!
Great coverage girls!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Help LA Derby Dolls NOW!!!

Please help our Derby sisters in the USA by taking less than a minute to vote online for Pepsi to spend $25,000 converting their warehouse into the ultimate roller derby space.


Pieces of Hate!

Who?  Jolly Dodgers (RCRG + Liverpool Roller Birds) vs 
Blackbeard's Bruisers (RCRG + Wakey Wheeled Cats)
When? Saturday 17th April 3pm - 5.30 pm
Where? Castle Leisure Centre, Bury BL9 0EZ

The Rainy City Roller Girls are out for blood on the 17th of April at the Castle Leisure Centre Bury. Ever since the last bottle of Old Sailor Jerry vanished in mysterious circumstances it was only going to be a matter of time before the factions decided to do battle.

The Jolly Dodgers captained by R.E.D will take on Blackbeard’s Bruisers lead by Cat Outta Hell in a pitched battle to finally answer the question “where has all the rum gone?”.

As of last night the stakes have been raised, The Dodgers roped in some Liverpool Roller Birds to join the fray, the Bruisers of course responded with “ha! We see your Roller Birds and Raise you two Wakey WheeledCats” So naturally both teams have two Birds and two Cats…

Many of the girls involved will be bouting for the first time so grab your pom poms and support your team.

Help G.U.N. Find a New Name!

The Men's Northern Roller Derby League 'G.U.N. - it's Grim Up North' have decided they need a new name with a more roller derby-esque theme, and they need your help!

Suggestions so far include Northern Scars, and NERD - Northern England Roller Derby

Please submit your thoughts and suggestions to the boys, and you might get your chance to christen a league!

Message suggestions to Crash Matt Dalton via Facebook 

Cheers everyone

Blitz Dames on Radio WM This Afternoon!!

Tune into the Jim and George Show on BBC Radio WM - 95.6 FM or online HERE between 3 and 4pm this afternoon to catch the Blitz Dames in action!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Awesome Stop Motion Video

Check this out!  It's a stop motion film made at Love Smack - Lincolnshire Bombers vs Central City Rollergirls - made by the guys at Roller Derby on Film.  

Looking forward to see many more vids guys!

Save The Date ....

Who? Auld Reekie Cannon Belles vs Newcastle Roller Girls & Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
and Auld Reekie's Twisted Thistles vs Lincolnshire Bombers
When? Sunday April 11th
Where? Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh

What?  Still to be named
Who? Royal Windsor Rollergirls vs Romsey Town Rollerbillies
When? Saturday April 24th
Where? High Wycombe Sports Centre

What? Still to be named
Who?  Leeds Roller Dolls vs Birmingham Blitz Dames
When? Saturday April 24th
Where? Leeds - venue TBC

LRR's First Intraleague Bout

Apologies for the late posting ...
Uncivil War -
NeanderDolls vs Voodoo Skull Krushers

It was fierce, it was hard fought, and it was close, but the Voodoo Skull Krushers held on to the lead to secure the inaugural victory in the first London Rockin' Rollers intraleague season.

Both teams put on a great show for the crowd. The NeanderDolls skated out to Wild Thing, wearing leopard print outfits and brandishing clubs and bones. The Voodoo Skull Krushers, resplendent in green and purple, carried shrunken heads and talismanic poles while Voodoo People played in the background.

On the track there was no let up. Both teams played similar tactics - racing to take the front and form a wall to prevent the opposition jammer getting through. The hits were hard, there were penalties apiece and the pace was hectic. At half time the VSKs had a 17 point lead, at 51:34, but it didn't last long. The NeanderDolls fought back to go into the lead early in the second half, but could not stop the might of the Voodoos. The game finished 98:95 in the Voodoo's favour, but it might so easily have gone the other way.

Kit, LRR