Saturday, 27 February 2010

Introducing Some New Leagues!

UK Roller Derby is growing more and more quickly ... introducing the following brand new leagues - 

Best of luck starting up girls

Vote for Rigolo!

Please help Royal Windsor Rollergirls' Head Coach Rollin Stoner's band get their track 'Yo Ho' remixed by Bonobo.  Simply click on THIS LINK and leave your email address - the band needs over 800 votes in order to make the top 10 and be in with a chance.

Thanks everyone.

iPetition - Save the Dundee Destroyers

Derby girls and boys, please use your power and your voices, and sign the iPetition to Save the Dundee Destroyers - the girls recently lost their training venue, and without somewhere to train, it's jeopardizing their future as a league.

Click HERE and take a few minutes to get your voice heard!

URGENT!!! Angels with Dirty Laces

Anyone planning on attending Angels with Dirty Laces -

Just a quick note - doors open at 12.45 and the first bout - The Merby - starts at 1.15pm NOT 2pm as advertised - make sure you get there early to see all the fun :)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Roller Derby Volunteers Survey

Any of you who volunteer with a league in any capacity - including refs and officials - , please take a little time to fill out this online survey by Ruth of All Evil of Maine Roller Derby.


Friday, 19 February 2010

Skaiti - 24 hr skate for Haiti

Check out Skaiti - a twenty-four hour fundraising event for the victims of the Haiti earthquakes.

When? Saturday April 10th at noon
Where? Dunsfold Park Aerodrome, Surrey - the famous Top Gear test track
Who? Anyone who skates - rollerskaters, inliners, longboarders and skateboarders

The aim is to raise as much money as possible to help the disaster relief in Haiti, whilst skating around the clock.  All money raised will go to the charity Shelterbox, and it doesn't matter if you can't make all twenty-four hours of the event.

Camping is available on the site, and the runway lights will be switched on at night, so don't worry about skating in the dark!
All you have to do to take part, is raise your sponsorship, and turn up on the day!  Please email the organisers at to let them know that you'll be turning up.

If you'd rather raise your money online, it can be paid into JustGiving HERE

Minimum sponsorship is £20 per person, but everyone who raises over £50 will be entered into a prize draw, so please make sure your sponsors who go to JustGiving to donate write YOUR NAME against the donation.

Please spread the word, there's space on the track for 250 skaters.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Skater / Derby Widow Needed for an article for FiveonFive

Danny 'Jay Pegg' Bourne of FiveonFive magazine needs a UK widow to write 100 words about being coerced into using their skills for a derby league - the more non-obvious the better - or a UK skater to write about how they have official 'non-derby' days to keep their widow happy.  If either of these applies to you, either reply to him over Facebook or go to the I LOVE DERBY GIRLS Facebook group and reply to his recent post.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Love Smack Round-Up!

Photo by David James 'Spida' Coxsell @ In-Depth Photos

Love Smack - 13th February 2010
Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls vs Central City Rollergirls
Team White vs Team Black

The day kicked off with the Team Black Vs Team White bout. The teams were made up of skaters from around the UK, some of whom had never taken part in a closed bout before. Despite the unfamiliarity of the teams and some inexperience, the team both played their knee-high socks off. All the way through the scores were close, the biggest point difference of the entire bout being just under 30 points, and neither team wanted to give in. Most of these ladies may not have actually played for their own teams yet in an open bout but judging by the way they played they definitely want to, soon! Final Score was 145-155 to Team Black.

The main bout of the day, LBRG vs CCR, kicked off a shortly afterwards. CCR were the more experienced team and coming in still riding the glory from their victory against Leeds two weeks beforehand, there were no doubt who the favourites were.  After all this was only LBRG’s second match. CCR lived up to the expectations and took the win but LBRG made them fight for it.

CCR took the lead very early on but LBRG's score crept up right behind them. The second half was just as exciting, with LBRG getting into the game even more and at one point stopping the CCR jammers from scoring for 4 jams. Both teams showed high levels of skill and teamwork and neither came off the track disappointed by their performance. Final Score 79-130 to CCR.

LBRG would like to say a big thanks to CCR, all the skaters for Black vs White, the referees, the photographers and everyone who came to watch.


Monday, 15 February 2010

Roller Birds need your Tokens!

Calling anyone in the Liverpool area - the Liverpool Roller Birds have made it onto the Liverpool Echo's WISH campaign list, and are therefore competing for a share of £50,000.

The more tokens they collect from the newspaper, the more money they get - so please collect the tokens everyday, and post them to -
Liverpool Roller Birds, Garston Urban Village Hall, 70 Banks Road, Garston, L19 8HZ

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love Smack Pics Up!

David James Coxsell, roller derby photographer extraordinaire, has been at it again, and taken some awesome snaps at Love Smack this weekend - Lincolnshire Bombers vs Central City Rollergirls.


Remember to follow all the latest news on the Round-Up Bout by signing up to our Twitter page and if you're not already a R-UB Facebook friend, link up HERE! 

Blitz Dames on Eggheads!

Only two days left to see how Birmingham Blitz Dames got on on BBC's Eggheads last year - check out BBC iPlayer HERE!

The Violence of the Slams

(Irn Bruisers vs Belles of Centrinnians, and Maiden Grrders vs Slay Belles)

When? Sunday March 27th, 12 noon - 4.30pm

Fresh off their exciting win at Leeds, Central City's Belles of Centrinnians head up North to Glasgow, bringing their second team, the Slay Belles along for the ride - This is the first time Glasgow Roller Girls have played CCR so it's shaping up to be a great game!

More information to follow soon about tickets, but it's a double header, so it'll be one not to miss!

Angels with Dirty Laces

Who? Central City Rollergirls (Belles of Centrinnians) vs Rainy City Roller Girls (Tender Hooligans)
When? Sunday February 28th, 1pm - 11pm
Where? Cocks Moors Leisure Centre, Birmingham

CCR are hitting the track again!! With what's been an exciting bouting season so far this year, the Belles of Centrinnians will be facing Rainy City's Tender Hooligans in Angels with Dirty Laces!!

The first time both teams have met, this will undoubtedly be another bout not to be missed!! Plus a warm up event with mens roller derby!!


If you haven't seen it already, check THIS out! It's LRG's official YouTube site, and it's blockin' awesome :)
Footage includes some awesome this vid from Tattoo Freeze, nice work girls, lets get more UK Roller Derby up on YouTube!

Rockin' Rollers in the Guardian

Check out the awesome national press that London Rockin' Rollers got the other week - awesome stuff girls!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Roller Derby The Musical??!!

Check out this little beauty that Jetspun member El Toupee just found!! Not quite sure whether the poster girl is skating or in labour, but it definitely looks like it could be an interesting new addition to the world of Roller Derby!!!

Triple Sword make the News

Apologies for the slight delay, but check out this article on Essex's Triple Sword Rollergirls in the Braintree and Witham Times.

Remember to keep plaguing the press with your news guys, you'll be surprised how keen local papers and radio stations are to hear what you're up to, and it's a great way to attract fresh meat and sponsorship.

Logo Competition!

Earlier this week we posted a note on the sad death of Dundee Destoyers' derby girl Rippin Kittin.  As a mark of respect, the team will be skating under the name 'Rippin Kittins' at the Scottish Roller Derby Tournament in Aberdeen in May, and they want you to help them by designing a logo for the team.

The winning designer will win a t-shirt with the logo on, and two tickets to watch the Kittins' bout.

The logo must include the following things - 
1) Skates
2) Cat ears/ tail
3) Helmet
4) Look like a roller derby girl
5) Rippin Kittins
6) The colour purple - see the Destroyers Home Page

Closing date is March 1st, and all entries should be sent to

New Site for Old Gear!

Check this group out - it's a brand new forum on Facebook to buy and sell second-hand Roller Derby gear!

We all know how expensive the sport can be, so the page provides the perfect opportunity to trade second hand gear!

The Ultimate Boutfit!

Get your glad rags on, and get creative, because well-renowned Roller Derby photographer extraordinaire David James 'Spida' Coxsell is making a second book!

As most of you will know, Spida's awesome photo book RD:UK documented the UK roller derby scene, and this time he wants to shoot pictures of your ultimate boutfits!

Spida needs volunteers - roller girls AND refs - to style or design their own boutfits, and then head down to his studios to model them for him!

The boutfits should say everything about you.  It doesn't matter if they would be deemed unsuitable for the track, they just need to be an expression of you and your Roller Derby Ego - the ultimate fantasy outfit.

Models need to be able to travel to Birmingham on a weekday, and will have to provide their own travel costs.

For further details, check out the Facebook Group, David's website, or contact him here.

Uncivil War

It's time to welcome a brand new intraleague tournament to the UK scene, because London Rockin' Rollers have split into three home teams, in addition to their All Star travel team.

The new LRR teams are - 
Voodoo Skull Krushers 
and Goldie Lookin' Chaingang.

The first public intraleague bout, Uncivil War, will take place at the end of this month.

Who? LRR Neanderdolls vs LRR Voodoo Skull Krushers
When? Saturday 27th February, 4pm - 7.30pm
Where? York Hall, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London
Tickets - £10 for Adults, £5 Under 12s, FREE for Under 5s
Will be available soon

Check out the FACEBOOK EVENT for more details

All Hail The Coming of Eros!!!!

So ... the logo is only a rough draft, and the accronym looks set to change to European Rollerderby Officials' Society, but the Round-Up Bout has heard some very exciting whisperings about a new organisation for roller derby refs and officials across Europe!
In the 12 or so hours since the draft logo was posted on Facebook, it has received more cyber chatter than the TXRD bootcamp announcement!  So officials get keen!  And get in contact with Twis-ted Miister for more details.

Who is Roller Derby?

Check out the online survey that the WFTDA is running on their website this month.  They are asking fans of modern roller derby to participate in their first comprehensive online demographic survey of roller derby fans and skaters.

Help them work out what it means to be a part of modern day roller derby, and get in with a chance of winning a gift bag full of WFTDA swag!  Click on THIS LINK before February 15th to take part.

Snowbrawl Pics Up!!

Check out Lava Mel's pics from Snowbrawl - Leeds Roller Dolls vs Central City Rollergirls 
Round-Up to follow soon!!