Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Logo Competition!

Earlier this week we posted a note on the sad death of Dundee Destoyers' derby girl Rippin Kittin.  As a mark of respect, the team will be skating under the name 'Rippin Kittins' at the Scottish Roller Derby Tournament in Aberdeen in May, and they want you to help them by designing a logo for the team.

The winning designer will win a t-shirt with the logo on, and two tickets to watch the Kittins' bout.

The logo must include the following things - 
1) Skates
2) Cat ears/ tail
3) Helmet
4) Look like a roller derby girl
5) Rippin Kittins
6) The colour purple - see the Destroyers Home Page

Closing date is March 1st, and all entries should be sent to Dundeedestroyers@hotmail.co.uk

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