Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Ultimate Boutfit!

Get your glad rags on, and get creative, because well-renowned Roller Derby photographer extraordinaire David James 'Spida' Coxsell is making a second book!

As most of you will know, Spida's awesome photo book RD:UK documented the UK roller derby scene, and this time he wants to shoot pictures of your ultimate boutfits!

Spida needs volunteers - roller girls AND refs - to style or design their own boutfits, and then head down to his studios to model them for him!

The boutfits should say everything about you.  It doesn't matter if they would be deemed unsuitable for the track, they just need to be an expression of you and your Roller Derby Ego - the ultimate fantasy outfit.

Models need to be able to travel to Birmingham on a weekday, and will have to provide their own travel costs.

For further details, check out the Facebook Group, David's website, or contact him here.

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