Saturday, 30 January 2010

It's Official!!!

Texas Rollergirls Bootcamp comes to London!!!

That’s right ladies and gents, its on!!

London Rollergirls is proud to announce that in conjunction with the Texas Rollergirls, we are bringing you your very own local version of the awesome Texas Rollergirls Bootcamp. Not only that, but the venue is HUGE! That’s right, ExCel London has been lassoed in for both the boot camp and the bout.

When? Saturday March 20th and Sunday March 21st, 8am to 4pm and 9am to 7pm

Where? ExCel London, E16 1XL

What do you get?
* 2 days (Sat 20th, Sun 21st) of track time with the TXRG.
* One trainer for every 13 skaters.
* Multiple tracks and a huge space.
* The WFTDA head ref running the ref bootcamp.
* Helpful bout footage critiques.
* Workshops on all aspects of derby
* Chat time with the Executive Director of the WFTDA, Bloody Mary.
* A chance to pre-buy a ticket to the bout before it goes on sale to the general public!

Some of the topics covered for different levels include…
* Beginner camp:
* T stops
* turn-around-stops
* snow plows
* cross overs
* basic form
* basic game play
* rules for flat track derby
* land drills to build core and leg strength
* light scrimmaging with minimal contact

Intermediate/Advanced camp:
* pack control
* work on lane coverage
* work on frontal blocking
* mastering assists
* more advanced game play strategy
* land drills for strength and fitness
* and of course…scrimmaging!

Referee Camp:
* Review of WFTDA rules, hand signals
* Go over the steps you need to take to become a WFTDA certified ref - including review of test material
* Discussion of reffing situations and how to call scenarios
* On skates reffing of drills and scrimmage

How Much?
Boot Camp and Bout Ticket - £115
Boot Camp Only - £100
Ref Boot Camp and Bout Ticket - £65
Ref Boot Camp Only - £50

and check out the Facebook Event HERE

Friday, 29 January 2010

A Fistful of Rollers

LRG Brawl Saints vs Glasgow IRN Bruisers

The London Rollergirls are pleased and proud to confirm that on March 20th, 2010, we will be hosting none other than the Texas Rollergirls’ Hustlers!

The Texas Rollergirls are widely regarded as the godmothers of women’s flat track roller derby being the original league that got it all going back in 2002. The Hustlers feature several members of the fearsome Texecutioners, the TXRG all-star team (ranked #2 in the WFTDA Nationals) as well as a couple of girls who have been playing derby right since the start. We’re incredibly proud and excited to host them in London, and we know this will be our toughest test yet.

Not only that but our own all-star reserves team, the Brawl Saints, are going to take on one of the toughest teams in Europe - IRN Bruisers from Glasgow!

For such a historial and major event, we had to go BIG. So say goodbye to good old Tottenham for this one, and get ready to head east to ExCel London.

If you are an LRG season ticket holder, watch your inbox for news of when you can purchase tickets as part of a pre-sale.

For the rest of you, I know you are asking "WHEN CAN I BUY TICKETS!?!?!"

HERE YOU GO: the first chance to get tickets will be in person at our next bout: Club Tropicarnage. So come on down to Tottenham this next time and make sure you get your place to see Texas in action!
RSVP to make sure you get all the updates...

In Memory of Rippin Kittin

Dundee Destroyers' Rippin Kittin Memorial

On the morning of Friday 1st January our beloved roller derby sister Carrie Cumming “Rippin Kittin” was tragically knocked down and killed as she and her boyfriend walked home from a party after celebrating the coming of the New Year.

I can’t put in to words to describe the grief that has struck the team; each one of the Destroyers roller girls had a unique and special relationship with Carrie.

In her loving memory, Dundee Destroyers plan to skate under the name “Rippin Kittins” at Scotland's very first Roller Derby tournament which is being held in Aberdeen in May and we will also be putting a memorial page in the bout programme.

Many Thanks

Vikki Chaos       

Spills and Boom Reminder!

Valentine's Weekend is fast approaching ... which means the Spills and Boom Derby Weekend of Love will soon be here - 
Glasgow Roller Girls vs London Rockin' Rollers on Saturday 13th February, 
followed by Auld Reekie Roller Girls vs Leeds Roller Dolls on Sunday 14th.

Glasgow Roller Girls v's London Rockin Rollers
Arc Sports Centre, Cowcaddens Rod, Glasgow, G4 OBA
Doors open 12.30pm action starts 13.15pm
Glasgow Roller Girls (GRG) presents a Valentine's weekend themed Roller Derby bout against London Rockin' Rollers (LRR)

GRG and LRR have met a couple of times before and GRG have come out on top both times, but LRR have been training hard and are fresh out of a well deserved win against Birmingham Blitz Dames (BBD), so this promises to be a good fight!

Come along and see the action - there'll also be the usual merch, raffles, food and fun to keep even those with the shortest attention span entertained!

**PLEASE NOTE: This is an alcohol free venue - Roller Derby is fast and fun and full of action, we'll keep you entertained, you'll be ok for a few hours without a drink! Also note that this is a non-smoking campus, please walk off the campus to smoke, it will ensure we can keep bringing you more wonderful derby action in the future! **

AFTER PARTY at The Flying Duck, 142 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 3AU.
Booked from 17:00, free entry before 23:00 for all skaters and spectators.
No food supplied, but feel free to bring your own.
Venue open until 03:00pm



Introducing Northern Ireland's first league!!!

Their brash, their bold, their brand new ... they're Belfast Roller Derby!

And they need your help!

Calling all well-established leagues .... please help Hannah Whitall and the rest of the Belfast girls set up Northern Ireland's first Women's league.
They girls need your help, advice and inspiration, so check out their Facebook group or email Hannah directly.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Stop Press, Save The Date


Don't buy the t-shirt yet, but keep the cash handy...

On the weekend of the LRG vs TXRG Hustlers game (March 20/21)  there is a STRONG possibility that there will also be a genuine Texas Rollergirls Bootcamp!

The Texas Rollergirls are the mothers of flat track roller derby, their travel team is currently ranked #2 in WFTDA, they have cool Texas accents, AND their boot camps are famous for being super awesome.  We really hope to be able to bring this chance for everyone in Europe to take part.

Why the wait you ask?

As per usual, it's all down to venues.  We are simply waiting to confirm if we are able to get a venue big enough to do the event justice.  We are talking multiple tracks of awesomeness and room for everyone to get some quality skate time with the TXRG showing you their ropes.

So....please signal your interest by filling out our save the date form.  It will help us determine how much room we might need, how many days we can include, and it will also ensure that you are first on the email list for when/if it goes on sale in the near future!

Get your skates on!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Love Smack!

Where? Newark Showground
When? Saturday Feb 13th, 2pm - 5pm

Saturday 13th February 2010, sees the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls host Central City Rollergirls in a Love Smack!...especially for Valentines!

The Bombers are again hosting a fantastic double header, so not only can you see a bit of bashy, bashy between Lincs and CCR, but we’re also showcasing two mixed teams of players plucked from across the land, the majority of which have never before bouted in public!

All this along with plenty of intriguing stalls, food, merchandise and cupcakes! It is a fantastic opportunity to see two thrilling bouts in one day, so come along and check out the girl on girl action!

Tickets are available via our Paypal on our website -

£7 (under 10’s are free!)…another exciting day that will be sure to sell out quickly, so grab your tickets while you can!

Blood & Thunder UK Seminars ...

Those of you lucky enough to get your hands on Blood & Thunder UK tickets, Central City Rollergirls' Twis-ted Miister hear from you!!!

Hey Euro-derby folks!
I'm busy beavering away to bring you the best bootcamp around this May and we are just putting the final touches to the schedule, however, we are able to tailor this camp to meet the needs of you, the skaters..

So, what seminar based stuff would you like to see?

So far we have things like a rules Q&A with our guest ref's
Wheel technology & Skate maintance
Coaching structure & more

but if there is something you feel would be personally beneficial,
then please message me on Facebook and we'll do our best to fit that in, it's
your camp, so we want you to get the most out of it.

Will be in touch shortly with some more exciting news!

All the best,
Twisted Mister

LRR & RGRG on the lookout for NON-rollergirls!

London Rockin' Rollers  and Rainy City Roller Girls are on the look out for referees, announcers, jeerleaders, scorekeepers and ushers ...
If you're interested in derby, live in the London or Manchester areas, but don't want to compete, why not consider getting involved in a different way?

You get free admission to bouts, merch discounts, and most importantly, the adoration of derby girls everywhere!

Contact for more details about LRR, or go to for more info about RCRG.

Club Tropicarnage Tickets on Sale Now ...

Who? LRG Intraleague Bout - Suffra Jets vs Ultraviolent Femmes
When? Saturday February 6th, 5pm - 9pm
Where? Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, London

The Suffra Jets take on the Ultraviolent Femmes in the second bout of the 2009/10 London Rollergirls season!

The Ultraviolent Femmes are looking for their first win of the season after going down to the Steam Rollers in December's season opener, and the defending champion Suffra Jets make their 2010 debut missing some key players from last season but with some promising new skaters. Which way will it go? Find out with us on Feb 6th at Tottenham Green!

Doors 5pm, bout 6pm. Tickets £10 advance or £12 on the door, including afterparty. There'll be all the usual fun, cupcakes, an awesome charity raffle, audience races at half time and of course the best roller derby action you'll see this side of the Atlantic!



Who?  LRD vs CCR
When? Saturday January 30th 2010, 2pm - 5pm
Where? Leeds University

Once upon a time the Leeds Roller Dolls dreamt of victory, 2009 saw them bring this dream alive with wins in three consecutive bouts. One of those victories was against the Central City Roller Girls at mini tournament Northern Expo. It was a comfortable win for Leeds but months have passed and both sides have been training hard. Snow Brawl will see Leeds looking to cement their victory, Central City will want to even the scores, it's set to be a close and exacting match!

Snow Brawl is scheduled for January 30th 2010 at the Leeds University and will be our second ever home bout. We promise you cakes, merch, a charity raffle and thrilling derby entertainment... it is a match not to be missed!

Can't make the game? We'll be partying at Fab afterwards whatever the score with free entry for all you bout attendees!!

Tickets are £8 (under 10's go free) and available on the door or from our website For more info please email, we look forward to seeing you there!

Get Spiked!!

The Royal Windsor Rollergirls have made the pages of the latest issue of extreme sports magazine, SPIKED!

Written by RWRG's Red Arrow, and with photos by David James 'Spida' Coxsell, the 4-page feature looks at the history of roller derby, the modern revival, the UK scene, and what inspires girls (and boys!) to take to the track.

To order your copy online, head to

New Year, New Logo

Check out the brand new Blitz Dames logo to go with the league's new name!
Can't wait to hear all the news from the Dames' first bout of the year this morning, at the Tattoo Freeze tournament in Telford!
Loving the guns girls!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Calling all Yorkers!!

I figure if you live in New York, you're a New Yorker, so why shouldn't you be a Yorker if you live in the original York?!

Anyway, I digress ....

New League starting! Marie Allison is starting up a brand new Roller Derby league in York, and she needs your help.  If you live in or around York, and are interested in Roller Derby - whether you're fresh meat or a veteran - check out the Facebook group, and give her your support!

It's great to see so many brand new leagues appearing around the country!

Roller Derby in the Christmas Press ...

So, as predicted, the arrival of Whip It! to UK screens, has heralded an influx of coverage of the sport in the national press. 
Apologies, as due to an Xmas break, the R'U'B' is a little bit behind, but if you haven't already read them, check out the recent articles in the TIMES and the Observer.  The first is frankly almost a waste of space for how little info it includes, but the Observer piece is a great round-up of Whip It! by LRG's Jessica Holland (anyone know her Derby name?) ... which was in quite a similar vein to the review we posted of Whip It! here at the Round-Up Bout in October.


Highland Fling!

Roller Derby Hits Aberdeen!

When? Saturday 22nd May at 10am -
Sunday 23rd May at 6pm
Where? Beach Leisure Centre, Aberdeen

Granite City Roller Girls present the first Scottish Roller Derby Tournament
featuring Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Dundee Destroyers, Glasgow Roller Girls/

Check out the Facebook Event for more details

Rainy City Rollergirls Represent

It's a little old now, but for anyone who hasn't seen it, check out the article about Roller Derby and Manchester's RCRG on the Lesbian and Gay Foundation website.

The article is an informative and well summarized question and answer session about Roller Derby, with quotes from Sui-Cider, Feral Fairy & Ms'Isle.  And no, our friend Jeremy Clyman isn't sharing his views on lesbian fantasy in the piece ;)