Monday, 18 January 2010

Stop Press, Save The Date


Don't buy the t-shirt yet, but keep the cash handy...

On the weekend of the LRG vs TXRG Hustlers game (March 20/21)  there is a STRONG possibility that there will also be a genuine Texas Rollergirls Bootcamp!

The Texas Rollergirls are the mothers of flat track roller derby, their travel team is currently ranked #2 in WFTDA, they have cool Texas accents, AND their boot camps are famous for being super awesome.  We really hope to be able to bring this chance for everyone in Europe to take part.

Why the wait you ask?

As per usual, it's all down to venues.  We are simply waiting to confirm if we are able to get a venue big enough to do the event justice.  We are talking multiple tracks of awesomeness and room for everyone to get some quality skate time with the TXRG showing you their ropes.

So....please signal your interest by filling out our save the date form.  It will help us determine how much room we might need, how many days we can include, and it will also ensure that you are first on the email list for when/if it goes on sale in the near future!

Get your skates on!

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