Saturday, 17 October 2009

Lesbianism and Roller Derby ....

Here at the Round-Up Bout we've noticed a fair bit of uproar following an article on Psychology Today by Jeremy Clyman, about his hypothesis that Whip It, and thus Roller Derby, is a closeted source of lesbian fantasy.  

Personally my favourite paragraph from the piece starts ....
Whip It is about roller blading, which this movie defines as a group of half-drunk women, in tight athletic gear and rollerblades muscling each other for inside positioning, as a few key teammates weave in and out of the pack. Those that have finesse are chased by those that have strength, somewhat akin to the cat and mouse pursuit of a top and bottom sexual power dynamic (there's a reason the standard sexual position is missionary). In short, this game is a metaphor for sex.

Hmm ...
But I'll let you know what I think later!! For now I would like your opinions ... Read the Article, watch the available snippets of Whip It online, and try and get hold of the Marie Claire edition where Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are photographed kissing ... the impetus for the article.

Then let me know what you think ... are homosexuality and roller derby really linked?  Is a bout just some form of closeted sexual frenzy??!

I'll do a summary of the best and most dramatic opinions at the end of the week

Jet Stepper xxx


  1. Sadly can't read the article, the whole of appears to have died! Doh.

    You can expect some thoughts on this when I've managed to read it though :)

  2. As a director, if Drew Barymore thinks she made a good film, she shouldn't feel the need to play lesbian make-out with Ellen Page to promote it.

    That's like saying 'hey, you may not know what roller derby is about but look - hot girls kissing! and there's a movie! come and watch it!'

    If idiots like the psychology today writer get the wrong idea about roller derby, it's entirely her fault.

    Thanks Drew!