Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Skater Profile - Darmonatrix

NAME: “Darmonatrix”

Romsey Town Rollerbillies (part of Team East Angrier)


POSITION: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot

ALTER EGO: Health Care Professional

MOTTO: Man the F**k Up

LIKE: democratic teams (like my lucky lot)

DISLIKES: people who can only have 'yes men' around them.

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: tinternet, as a single mum its her window to the world

DRINK OF CHOICE: bovril, diet coke, stella or el vino

HIDDEN TALENTS: British, European champion kick boxer and weaponry extremist.

“Darmonatrix” is the ultimate Roller Derby Girl, excelling in all Positions with an unstoppable force.

If your lucky enough to meet her on or off the track, you should consider yourself privileged as this girl has a VERY BIG HIT and an even BIGGER HEART. She is passionate to a fault about life, love, friendship and most of all ROLLER DERBY. Having said this she is no push over, cross her and you will soon know about it.

'Darmo' as she's known to her friends, is the queen of the backwards whip, and we’re sure she will be show off her endless talent on a track near you soon.

Darmonatrix will be guest skating for
Bedfordshire Roller Girls against Windsor on Saturday 17th October and representing Romsey Town Rollerbillies at CARRIE on skating Double Headed on the 31st October.

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  1. right bernie - im doing one back!.....what can i come up with...mwhahahaha :)

    ps: i love you x