Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cats in the Papers

Hey Cats and Kittens,

Wakey Wheeled Cats have a bit of exciting news we’d like to share with you!

Linda LuMardy, a new skater to our league, is using her journalistic wonderfulness to write an online weekly blog about becoming a roller derby girl. This will be accompanied by a monthly, three-minute video blog of The Wakey Wheeled Cats' training sessions.
Every month you can follow us from our humble beginnings, as we’re currently a very new league, through our beginners training and beyond, eventually up to playing bouts.

We would especially love for other leagues to get involved too!

Each month we’d like to have a guest skater or coach from a different league to hold a small training session, which will be filmed and shared for all to see. We hope for this to be built up from the very basics, past minimum skills assessments and into training drills. Hopefully this can promote not just our league, but other UK leagues and UK Roller Derby as a whole.

If you’re an interested league or skater, please get in touch, either on the WWC Facebook Page or HERE 

The blogs can be found on the
Wakefield Express website and on our league website too.

This Friday, the 23rd October, will be the launch of the blogs. There will be an article in the Express, plus Linda’s first blog and our (first, shaky) video will be on the website .

Derby Love,
Fu-Quinn Hell


  1. Sounds great, goodluck
    el VISIOUS x

  2. So glad that's out in the open! I've been bursting to tell someone all week!