Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wakey Wheeled Cats - On a Roll

CLICK HERE to see the first video to accompany Linda Lumardy's online diary of life in the Wakey Wheeled Cats.   

Here's what she has to say so far ....

Welcome to On a Roll my online diary on life in the Wakey Wheeled Cats. I joined the league in August, after being sent to write a feature on the Cats for the Express women’s magazine.  From the first tentative roll I was hooked, and luckily they let me join! It took a while for me to get my skates and I’ve only been to a few practices so far, so you’ll be with me right from the beginning.  Hopefully it will be a good read, but if anything it should be a laugh, as I’ve already had some spectacular bruises, and there will be many more to come.  Rather than bombard you with a huge first blog, over the next few weeks I’ll keep uploading snippets about roller derby life to get you all up to date. But for the first day of  On a Roll, we have something very special for Wakey Wheeled Cats fans – our first ever training blog! Luckily for those of you who don’t like car-crash-telly, it doesn’t feature me, as I’m behind the camera, but instead Cats co-founder and coach Kirsty Quinn will be taking you through the basics of a roller derby game, and fellow co-founder Stephanie Sellers will be showing you a few beginners moves.
 I hope you enjoy it!  

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