Sunday, 18 October 2009

Rainy City Rollergirls 1st Birthday Bash

Thanks Rikkter Scale of the Leeds Roller Dolls for this awesome write up of last week's first birthday celebrations up in Salford.

When we at Doll and Action Man HQ heard that our derby sisters, the wonderful Rainy City Rollergirls were celebrating their first birthday with a pickup scrimmage and a purple, black and silver themed party we uttered a collective “Heck Yeah” and set off westwards to join in.

In the end five Dolls and our lovely head ref, Matt the Knife, landed on the amusingly tilted ‘Fit City’ sports centre ("not FAT city, FIT city” Anna Tomic, RCRG travel team skater, emphasised as we took the first of many wrong turnings en route).

Strapping on skates and messing about on the track we were heard chirruping “Coo when does the scrimmage start?” and “Eeek the famous C-Rex of London Rollergirls is here! Hope we don’t get smushed by her!”

We all split into teams of black t-shirts versus white t-shirts, and then the scrimmage was ON!

Skating with people whose names you do not even know, never mind their skill level or on-track foibles, really shakes you out of any complacency you might have grown when only scrimmaging with your own team mates. Hearing skaters from other leagues comment on how good your team mates are garners two thumbs up. And, inevitably getting smushed by C-Rex and Hooligal (London Rocking Rollers) can only add to your determination to improve your getting out of the way/ counter blocking skills!!

The wonderful Rainy City league had plenty more treats in store for us other than pick up scrimmaging  – pass the parcel pace-lines, queen of the track, stuck in the mud and ‘refs versus rollergirls’ scrimmaging all preceded the afterparty. And yep, Rainy City do know how to party!

Thanks to Rainy City for such a lovely day of derby love… now we Dolls *really* cannot wait to boutyou in November! Please keep checking our website, twitter and blog for further announcements about Leeds Roller Dolls versus Rainy City Rollergirls.

Next up for the Leeds Roller Dolls will be our birthday trip to Carrie on Skating… aha! Another chance to party with the Rainy City ladies!

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