Tuesday, 20 October 2009

An Apology - Closed Bouts

Hey guys,

I need to apologise about the coverage of RWRG 's birthday bout against BRG yesterday.  The Round-Up Bout is just starting out, and I'm not only still working out how to best structure and write the blog, but I'm also still in a phase of trying to include as much of everything to really get the blog off the ground.  As a result I jumped on the opportunity that one of The Round-Up Bout contributors had already written a write-up of the Birthday Bash, and used some of it in a recent article without checking the nature of the bout with RWRG or BRG.

I have since found out that the bout was closed, and this obviously affects how scathing a sports report you can write about it! Or whether you can write about it in fact!  Whilst I really want to keep the Round-Up as impartial as possible, and want the sports journalism to be as unbiased and objective as any other sports magazine, I do appreciate that closed bouts are a very different matter.

In future, here at the Round-Up Bout, I will only include information about closed bouts sent to me by the team.  With reference to that, I am still on the lookout for Jetspuns ... regular contributors from all the different leagues, to keep me as up to date as possible on ALL the UK Roller Derby news.
With regards to open bouts however, the content is a very different matter.  If you have a review of an open bout, I will be more than happy to consider it, and if I receive completely conflicting opinions of the same bout ... well in that case I'll do my very best to represent both sides of the argument!!!

Apologies again to RWRG and BRG - as Derby girls we are all fighting for the same thing - to get our sport noticed and properly recognised by the outside world, and to increase the number of girls, and boys, involved in UK roller derby - and I would hate to think that anything viewed in the Round-Up Bout was considered to be contradictory to that mission.

Jet Stepper

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