Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Skater Profile - Violet Attack

Skate Name: 



Jammer, Blocker, Pivot  

Her Story:  
Was the very first recruit of the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames in October 2006. 

Squished nose!

Likes:  Cookies, sci-fi, the two David's - Cronenberg and Lynch  

Dislikes:  People who talk in the cinema and drivers who pull infront of her bike without indicating 

Distinguishing Features:
An ass you can bounce pennies off and muscles big enough to crush the opposition

Favourite Food:
Ben & Jerry's, Strawberry Cheesecake Haagen Dazs

Favourite Drink:
Vodka & Orange

Favourite Film:
Mulholland Drive

Awards and Good Behavior:  
Double Trouble at Blitz Dames Inaugral bout  

Theme Song:  
Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry

In the real world ...
She's a photographer

Favourite Bout:
BBD vs Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz in Birmingham last November, her first bout as captain.  There was only six points in it in the final jam, and she was jamming.  The Stuttgart jammer got through the pack first and got lead jammer, Attack chased her down before she could reach the pack again, got infront of her and sat on her so she couldn't get past until the last whistle was blown!

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