Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Contributions Wanted ....

... for a Derby Zine.


We're putting together a paper-and-ink zine dedicated to the EU roller derby scene, and we're looking for contributions! We want funny, irreverent, informative and personal stuff - the more visual and novel the better. We want quizzes, comics, illustrations, photos, how-tos, lists of your fave whatevers, stories about falling in love with a rollergirl, stuff from fans about their first bout, tips, pics, diagrams, stuff about what you love and hate, 'a year in the life of a starter league', 'my most terrifying derby experience' - whatever you think people will be interested in reading. Stuff from refs, non-skaters and fans is welcome, of course.

It's going to be a no-budget, DIY thing with no league affiliations, and we're planning on getting it out in about November.

Please send in your ideas and links to any past writing you've done.


Helen Nash & Sky Rockit, London Rollergirls

PS .... and remember to send me a copy at The Round-Up Bout, so you can have some online fame too!! 
Cheers! Jet Stepper xxx

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