Friday, 23 October 2009

She Did What To Who?!

Check out this blog El Toupee just discovered on Myspace, it's a Glossary of Derby Plays!

The blog comes from the page of Busta Armov , the retired Head Ref for the LA Derby Dolls , and a contributor to the amazing Derby News Network

Some of my particular favourites from the glossary include ...

The Inverse Bowling Ball - Blocker does a power slide or hockey stop and takes out the pack

Vee-gina Sandwich - Two blockers hit any other skater frpm both sides simultaneously

Tittie Takeout - A sub-category of the Johnnie Crash, in which a skater jabs their shoulder hard into the chest or breasts of the skater coming up behind them

Ass to Puss - A Booty Block in which contact is made between the front skater making the block, and the rear skater who contacts her with her crotch

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