Monday, 19 October 2009

Roller Derby Movies ...

Jet Stepper is off to see Whip It! this week, and a review will follow shortly ... including just how much closeted lesbian fantasy there really is in the film!

The film won't be out in the UK for at least another three months, but for those of you in need of a Roller Derby film fix, Jetspun correspondent El Toupee has sourced out a few old school derby films for you!  

First up Kansas City Bomber - a 1972 American drama starring Raquel Welch as Kansas City's 'K.C. Carr' (though in the film poster I think she looks way more like Hilary Swank!)

And secondly, Unholy Rollers, a comedy made in the same year, with the tagline 'A Locker Room Look at the Toughest Broads in the World!'

Thanks El Toupee! 

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