Saturday, 24 October 2009

Derby Networking Sites ...

Hopefully by now you're all member of Roller Derby Everywhere - the UK Roller Derby network on Ning .  

If RDE, UK Derby News and The Round-Up Bout aren't fulfilling your craving for online Derby fodder, then look no further than Derby Nation , another Roller Derby virtual world on Ning.

Derby Nation founder, Lizbeth Von Lush, welcomes you to the site ...

Derby Nation got its start when a few derby addicts decided it was time to have an internet community specifically for bringing all of us derby fiends together!!! Derby Nation's creators hope this site will become the place on the net where anyone interested in derby can look up events, bouts, bout results, leagues, teams and players - nationwide!

If you're not a player, coach, official or volunteer you are still very welcome! Because if you're not a fan yet, watch out! Derby is very addictive - and most who come in contact with it never are quite the same again!

So derby guys and girls, post your bout and event dates. Share pictures. Create groups for your league or team. Chat on the message boards. Blog about derby life.

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