Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Men's Roller Derby

Are you a guy and keen to get involved in Roller Derby?  Then look no further than M.U.R.D.A - The Men's UK Roller Derby Association.  It's formed by refs from the various women's leagues across the country.  For more information check out the Facebook Page, or email the association HERE.

The next MURDA training session will take place in Birmingham on October 26th, and there will be the UK's first display of Men's Roller Derby at Lincolnshire Bombers' Carnival of the Strange on November 21st in Newark.


  1. Is M.U.R.D.A still going at all? Trying to get a Men's team and hopefully later a league set up in Devon / Cornwall etc.

  2. Hey we are setting up a mens team in south wales and are looking for some more members and then hoping to set up a few bouts any men intrested in joining ive set our fb as my url so get in touch.