Thursday, 22 October 2009

Grange Hell School Report

Last weekend Central City Rollergirls hosted the Grange Hell Skate Academy in Birmingham  ... here's what Lincolnshire Bombers ' May-Q Dizzy had to say about her trip back to school!

After all the hype and Derby-fuelled anticipation, this event could have easily disappointed, but I am pleased to say that Grange Hell actually managed to exceed all my expectations!

Upon entering the foyer of Cocks Moor Woods Leisure Centre the atmosphere was electric, with the clang of skate cases knocking together and excited Roller Girls darting about like toddlers in a playground.

Lessons started in earnest at 11am.  These included perfecting the basics, tactical drills, endurance, Jammmer skills, and technique. Not to forget the mandatory sit ups and press ups, and optional instruction in Bonnie D. Stroir classics such as “the waitress” and the “power slide/ hockey stop”. 

Those attending were split into two groups, and then these groups were continually rotated between the two coaches.  Both Estro Jen and Bonnie D. Stroir were exceptionally knowledgeable, and happy to pass on any and all pearls of wisdom. Their passion for the sport was evident in everything they did. Plus the coaches' physique was second to none.  Most students left the Bootcamp with the new mantra ……. “I WILL have a butt like Estro Jen's!”

Throughout the weekend everyone involved was highly motivated to ensure we all gained as much as possible from their experience. With their encouraging and helpful demeanours the Central City Roller girls and guys made this a weekend never to forget.

The after party was a collection of like minds, where everyone reviewed the days events, with a little or a lot of alcohol thrown in for good measure. There was lively dancing, karaoke was sung with varying levels of success and drunken Roller Girl antics went on late into the night.

This was a must-attend spectacle and for those who couldn't make it, do not fear ... Central City Roller girls will be hosting t
he Blood and Thunder  Bootcamp on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of May 2010. 

Make sure you get a ticket as this event is guaranteed to be just as amazing. 
Thanks and Good Luck to all at CCR.

May-Q Dizzy 

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments May-Q, we loved having you all. It was a great event with plenty of homework for the body (getting an 'Estro' butt) and mind ( coping with a punch to the vagina using Bonnie's positivity);everyone who attended has gone up a notch. CCR are looking forward to excellent results on the track! Even those poor souls who could not attend can share the knowledge from fully fledged Grange Hellians!
    CCR-spreading the love and keeping the 'GRRRRRR' for the track xx Nancy Spinatra xx