Monday, 19 October 2009

Psychology Today Apology ....

So, after offending a high proportion of the roller derby world - both gay and straight - for his suggestions that Whip It!, and more specifically Roller Derby bouts are lesbian fantasy fests, the author of 'Lesbian Fantasy Disguised' on Psychology Today, Jeremy Clyman, has retracted a number of his points and apologised to the Roller Derby community.  

Read his apology here.  He claims that the sport was irrelevant to his opinions on the film, something I personally struggle to believe when he originally wrote things like  
' "Whip It" is about roller blading, which this movie defines as a group of half-drunk women, in tight athletic gear and rollerblades muscling each other for inside positioning, as a few key teammates weave in and out of the pack. Those that have finesse are chased by those that have strength, somewhat akin to the cat and mouse pursuit of a top and bottom sexual power dynamic (there's a reason the standard sexual position is missionary). In short, this game is a metaphor for sex.'

But I'll let you make your own judgments.  Read the initial article, read the apology .... and then tell me what you think!! I'll be writing a Round-Up on the topic very soon

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  1. Rollerblades?!

    Hilarious. What a moron.