Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Love Smack Round-Up!

Photo by David James 'Spida' Coxsell @ In-Depth Photos

Love Smack - 13th February 2010
Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls vs Central City Rollergirls
Team White vs Team Black

The day kicked off with the Team Black Vs Team White bout. The teams were made up of skaters from around the UK, some of whom had never taken part in a closed bout before. Despite the unfamiliarity of the teams and some inexperience, the team both played their knee-high socks off. All the way through the scores were close, the biggest point difference of the entire bout being just under 30 points, and neither team wanted to give in. Most of these ladies may not have actually played for their own teams yet in an open bout but judging by the way they played they definitely want to, soon! Final Score was 145-155 to Team Black.

The main bout of the day, LBRG vs CCR, kicked off a shortly afterwards. CCR were the more experienced team and coming in still riding the glory from their victory against Leeds two weeks beforehand, there were no doubt who the favourites were.  After all this was only LBRG’s second match. CCR lived up to the expectations and took the win but LBRG made them fight for it.

CCR took the lead very early on but LBRG's score crept up right behind them. The second half was just as exciting, with LBRG getting into the game even more and at one point stopping the CCR jammers from scoring for 4 jams. Both teams showed high levels of skill and teamwork and neither came off the track disappointed by their performance. Final Score 79-130 to CCR.

LBRG would like to say a big thanks to CCR, all the skaters for Black vs White, the referees, the photographers and everyone who came to watch.



  1. I have been informed that the score was actually 79-130 to CCR, despite playing in the match, I can't actually remember the final score and I got 127 from a photo I believed to show the final score but I am tod that that is wrong so I am sorry CCR! Jet stepper, can you change it?

  2. well done LBRG for pushing through that second half! remember just four more points...then four more...then four more! you wanna end on 65? hell no! lets make it 80!

    just one point shy! i had a blast on your bench but hope to meet you on the track soon :-))

  3. minx a'matosis17 February 2010 at 11:04

    ...thank you Quad!...you and Psycho were aces out there, really kept us in check!!...and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, thank you CCR for coming and giving us a reet good game, love, loved it! xx