Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Upcoming Bout Dates

Thanks to El Toupee who's been compiling a calendar of the year's roller derby dates - HERE!!

Here are some of the closest dates ...

April 24th - Viva Bash Vegas (LRD vs. BBD, Leeds)

April 24th - Greased Frightenin' (RWRG vs. RTRB, High Wycombe)

May 2nd - Blood & Thunder All-Star Bout + Merby (Cocks Moor, Birmingham)

May 15th - Monster MAYhem! (LBRG vs. RWRG, Lincoln)

May 15th - Malice in Derbyland (LRR vs. RCRG, Bethnal Green, London)

May 22/23 - Highland Fling! (Scottish tournament, Aberdeen)

May 22 - Smack to the Future (LRG Intra-League, Tottenham, London: Suffra-Jets vs. Steam Rollers).

June 5th - RWRG vs. CCR (venue TBC).

June 19th - LRD vs. LRR (Leeds, venue TBC).

June 19th- Clash of the Gladiskaters (Bedford, venue TBC: Mixed Teams)

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  1. RWRG vs CCR on 5th June is at High Wycombe sports centre and also features a MURDA bout.