Friday, 24 September 2010

An Apology, and A Request

Firstly, an apology for neglecting the Round-Up Bout in recent months.  As some of you may know, I'm currently living in Canada, which has made keeping on top of the UKRD scene a little hard.  In addition to the physical distance, I also received some really exciting news, and it looks like my first book is about to be published (not about Roller Derby I'm afraid!)

And so ... I will be taking a little time away from the Round-Up Bout and am looking for a new editor to take over the blog and the Facebook site.

If you'd like to take over, please email me via Facebook, and hopefully we can step into a second year of the RUB with a fresh new voice of UK Roller Derby.

Thanks guys, I've had a great year here at the Round-Up Bout,

Derby Love
Jet Stepper xxx

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  1. I actually wrote a blog post on Canadian Roller Derby when I was there