Sunday, 15 November 2009

Carnival of the Strange Reminder ...

This Saturday -  21st November, the Lincolnshire Bombers will host the Carnival of the Strange!

Doors open at 1pm, @ Newark Show Ground with acts, performers, burlesque, bands, childrens areas, live Roller Derby Action! Plus UK's first public showing of Mens Roller Derby!

Only £7 each(under 10's free!) Tickets available via PAYPAL HERE.

Las Ninas Muertas vs Children of the Damned....
The two teams will be battling it out for the title of Queens of the Carnival! and features skaters from across the country - Lincolnshire Bombers, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Central City Rollergirls, Glasgow Rollergirls, Leeds Roller Dolls, Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, Rainy City Roller Girls, Rebellion Roller Girls and Windsor Roller Girls!

Make sure get a ticket as this is sure to be a hugely spectacular event.

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  1. Thanks babe...Looks Great! Pity you will miss it. Will let you know all about it!!