Monday, 30 November 2009

Middlesbrough Milk Rollers vs Sheffield Steel Roller Girls - Round Up

A round up of the recent closed bout between Middlesbrough Milk Rollers and Sheffield Steel Roller Girls.

At the Rainbow Centre in Middlesbrough on a Saturday afternoon the more sedate martial arts and children’s trampoline parties gave way to a fierce roller derby duel! 

After a nervous wait while the track was laid (in super quick time I might add!) the teams were given chance to warm themselves up. The Middlesbrough girls demonstrated the joy of plyometric stretches (and cod liver oil, these girls are brave!) whilst Sheffield opted for a more traditional skate-based warm up. Both sides were ready, and shouts of “MMR!” and “SSRG!” were heard as each team tried to psych out the other.

The game was close the whole way through, with no more than 30 points between each side. For the most part Sheffield led and they fought hard and fast to keep this distance from the Milk Rollers. 

Parma Violence became Sheffield’s first injury victim with a badly twisted knee, putting them one down against the local side. Strong jamming was the order of the day with Skate Crasher, Rio de Jam Hero and Mia Malice all scoring high for Sheffield and Toxic Pink Stuff, Lou Ella D’Kill, Rita Von Sleaze and Oompa-Thump-Ya fighting hard for Middlesbrough in return.

Sheffield came back strong from the half time break, putting on two or three really strong jams and establishing more of a lead. Middlesbrough in return worked harder to even the scores. Two further injuries in the second half (Rio De Jam Hero, SSRG twisting her ankle and an unknown MMR skater falling foul of a top down Jam Sandwich) didn’t keep either side down and both sides worked hard to keep themselves in the game. 

Final scores on the doors were 111 to Sheffield with a close 83 to Middlesbrough. An excellent game fought well on both sides. 

Special mentions of course to our lovely LRD guest skaters Nuclear Missile and X Con Vick who joined Sheffield, and Toxic Pink Stuff and Chernobelle skating for Middlesbrough, good job ladies!

Magic 8-Brawl #7

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