Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Drew Barrymore to join Roller Derby - Ruff & Tumble?!

Here at the Round-Up Bout I've noticed a number of you are members of 'Ruff & Tumble' a special Facebook group to document your 'best' derby injuries!

I'm actually currently sporting a black eye and swollen cheek ... though nothing to do with derby I'm afraid!!! (Damn it ... there goes my anonymity! ;) )

Anyway, El Toupee just spotted this article about Drew Barrymore injuring herself during the filming of Whip It!  Wonder if she'll be joining the club?

And speaking of which .... how about we have a little competition on The Round-Up Bout???
Post a picture of your best/worst Roller Derby injury (Darmonatrix, the paper cut doesn't count ;) ) in the comments at the bottom of this blogpost (on Blogger, not on Facebook - you need to click through to the original link if you're reading this on Facebook).

Then here at The Round-Up Bout we'll decide whose is the most gory!!

Derby Love,
Jet Stepper xxx

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