Wednesday, 25 November 2009

M.U.R.D.A. - The First Public UK Men's Bout

Photo by Adam Rhodes Photography

I did everything by the seat of my pants, that’s why I got hurt so much” Evel Knievel

When MURDA got together at The Carnival of the Strange to compete in the first-ever men’s public bout in the UK, it was truly MURDER!!

Testosterone and adrenaline was surging from the start. BANG! Blocking straight off the line, skating fast and hard with an unforgiving attitude. These gents left all manners at the door (and maybe their rule books too!)

This was truly a marvel to behold, with hard hits, tactical plays and an immense amount of teamwork. There were some of the most insane take-outs ever seen, and Blockers punched holes for their Jammers with force, allowing the Jammers to hop through the pack at speed.

A misplaced block saw the White Jammer smash into the back of the pack at high speed, causing the entire pack to fall like pins at a bowling alley.
Allowing Deadly Nedly (Black Jammer) the opportunity for some show boating, leaping the flattened players and pick up the full compliment of points in one move.

Teams Black and White battled it out on the track and the scoreboard, with scores staying within 10 points of each other for the majority of the bout, with the final victory going to Team Black 163 to 144.

These boys showed that they are made of the right stuff and ‘Merby’ is going to be a big hit!
Special mentions go first to Deadly Nedly whose blatant disregard for the rules won him ‘Penalty King’, but whose agility and speed also saw him contribute tremendously to Team Black’s score,
and pick up Team Black’s MVP. 
And also to Team White’s MVP Barry Fight.
I don’t think I’ll be the only one queuing up for tickets for MURDA’s next bout.

May-Q Dizzy 

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