Sunday, 1 November 2009

Carrie on Skating!

This weekend Glasgow Roller 'Ghouls' hosted - a special Hallowe'en frenzy full of tricks and treats!
Here's what El Toupee had to say about the event ....

In their debut bout, Maiden Grrders took on the Romsey Town Rollerbillies in what I can only presume was an officially 'unofficial' bout - two twenty-minute periods instead of the usual thirty-minute halves. That confusion aside, it was possibly the most exciting bout I've seen yet. The Grrders and Rollerbillies fought tooth and nail to a time-limit draw. Big Cat Merv did a sterling job of play-by-play commentary  and the crowd, were simply loving it, and not shy to let it be known! Following a Zebra Huddle ("Erm, what do we do?!") the bout went to an Overtime Jam, with Romsey eeking out by 3 points!

Special congratulations to Darmonatrix (Rollerbillies), who bagged Best Blocker and Best Take Down awards.

Oh, and did I mention there was ref on in-lines skates? For Shame!

I then settled in for the first half of the main event: Glasgow Roller Girls’ Irn Bruisers vs. the Rainy City Rollergirls. The Bruisers ranked third at Roll Britannia, and so it quickly became apparent that Rainy City were in for a hard time. I'm not going to sell them short: they fought hard, and pulled off some pretty neat stuff on track, but even when the Bruisers down to two players on track they couldn't quite get their groove on.

There was a lot of penalty box action - GRG regularly seemed to be playing short on track. Everyone must have racked up more than their fair share of Minors, but there was nothing (that the Zebras saw, at least) that suggested anyone was taking unfair advantages.

Rainy City were in with a chance when the bout re-started, having chipped away at their opponent's score with a series of powerplays, but the Bruisers stepped it up a notch. Rainy City's Mookchops and Dee-Mise deserve special mention, as does Feral Fairy, for gutting it out against the Bruisers' defense and putting more points on the board, but when you're skating up to Evel Von Detta (who's skating backwards whilst smack-talking you) and you've got Dreaded Dragon simply gliding around the track like she's on rails, then maybe it's too steep a mountain to climb.

The Irn Bruisers won convincingly, but Rainy City definitely punched above their weight for the first half. I'm sure the Leeds Roller Dolls were paying attention too - LRD travel to RCRG on November 28th.


  1. *Ahem*... Special mention for RCRG player of the match (as usual)... Missy Rascal!

  2. missy rascal was, as always, truly amazing for RCRG. I really really enoyed my first bout, thanks for my mention but in comparison missy rascal rocks socks.


  3. well what can i say? what an awesome day all round!

    both teams played a blinder!
    thanks Glasgow xxxx

    i am "dead" proud of all my girls and even that ref 'on inline skates' Captain Carnage!

    we took some big hits and gave em right back! i dont think any of us escaped unscathed...

    Rollerbilles blog will follow as soon as Mollie has use of her right hand again!

    Quad ophelia RTRB

  4. Apologies to Missy Rascal for not name-checking her in regards of RCRG's award-winning effort against the Irn Bruisers - in my defense, it was a *very* long day for me.

  5. ... make that Missy Rascal's award-winning efforts against the Irn Bruisers - see, it's been a *VERY* long day! ; )

  6. There's nothing shameful about a ref on inlines. They are allowed by the rules.

    There's an American joke about those, I don't know if I should share it. "What's the hardest thing about rollerblading? Telling your parents you're gay."

    Sorry, that was wholly inappropriate. *~[;-p

  7. Oh, what were the scores for these two bouts? That seems like an odd thing to leave off a recap. Halftime scores are even better.

  8. In truth, I didn't keep a note of the half-time scores, other than to be aware that they were relatively close-scored periods. The final scores stood at:

    Maiden Grrders 80 - Romsey Town Rollerbillies 83

    Irn Bruisers 126 - Rainy City Roller Girls 78